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About UMIO Natural Body Care

I learned a valuable lesson from my grandmother at a very early age. She told me not to worry, because Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to enhance our beauty - from the food we eat, the water we drink, our thoughts, emotions, how we care for others and the earth that sustains us.


After spending years promoting the mission of social services throughout my career, I am now helping to promote the personal needs of individuals who are seeking holistic lifestyles and alternatives to harsh chemical base skin care products and other stuff that might be challenging and harming us in ways we never considered. Therefore, in December of 2015 I began sharing more of these wonderful products and launched UMIO Natural Body Care to help people think more about what they are doing to take care of their bodies and nurture their souls.

As a young girl and into my adult years I experimented with over the counter products that promised to meet the criteria I sought to solve my dry or oily skin problems. Trusting in what I learned as a young woman about the importance of holistic health care and practical ways of achieving softer and smoother skin, I took on the personal mission of creating a unique line of skin care products that worked for me. I became more excited about what I was developing and thought that I would give these products to friends and family members so they too could experience results from using affordable natural skin care products that could be the answer to their desire to acquire softer and healthier skin. My interests in developing additional products peaked and I formulated recipes for making cold processing soaps, body butters and other luxurious products for the body that complements and enhances the mind, body and spirit. Within time, I was providing sensible and effective solutions for people whose only wish was to improve the condition of their skin and reduce their consumption of toxic products that may have long-term effects on their health. It's been exciting for me that my friends, family and, ...New customers have taken another small but significant step towards controlling their overall health by choosing UMIO Natural Body Care products that not only smell good but also are effective, inexpensive and safe for practically all skin types.

Having the know-how to make natural handcrafted soaps, body butters, bath salts, insect repellant spray, massage oils, and more, I began fulfilling specialize orders for people who have decided to move towards creating a more simplified and healthier lifestyle.  There is so much value in knowing I can help people feel good about their skin. It's exciting to hear their personal stories about how their skin no longer feel tight and dry now that they are using UMIO's Natural body Care products. I feel grateful when I listen to stories about the products, their gentle and moisturizing effects and how my customers are loving the skin they're in more and more...each and every day. Customers have even requested special orders to meet their individual needs and have  expressed continued satisfaction about the products' effectiveness.  

 As with every bar of handmade soap, everyone has his or her own distinct beauty and skin care needs, irregularities or defects. Variations in our individual needs should not be looked upon as being defective but... unique. We are different, and have different requirements for ourselves. UMIO Natural Body Care products makes it possible for everyone to embrace our beautiful selves and correct those annoying imperfections so that we all can achieve the soft and youthful skin our bodies desire because... our products are made especially for you and your well being...and, with lots of love.

I often ask the you love the skin you're in? Of course you do.

Let's face it. It's the first and last message you'll leave with others. 


So, personally I ask... what are you doing to leave a healthy impression?
Do you love the skin you're in?
Are you becoming a more beautiful you?



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